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Interior Kit

Complete Interior Kit for Effective Car Care

Introducing our Interior Kit, the comprehensive set for basic interior maintenance. Inside this specially curated box, you will find seven high-quality products designed to keep your car’s interior in perfect condition. The kit includes three essential products from GOOD STUFF and four indispensable accessories from the WORK STUFF brand. With the provided products, you can effortlessly clean plastics, rubber elements, and the cockpit, while also applying a dedicated dressing for a long-lasting finish. Additionally, the kit includes a glass cleaner along with a dedicated microfiber cloth for streak-free results.


  1. Interior Cleaner Pomegranate – 500ml: Effectively cleans and refreshes your car’s interior, leaving a delightful pomegranate scent.
  2. Glass Cleaner – 500ml: Ensures crystal-clear windows with its powerful formula, while the included microfiber cloth guarantees a lint-free shine.
  3. Interior Dressing – 500ml: Restores and protects interior surfaces, providing a sleek and satin finish.


  1. ZEPHYR Waffle Towel: An ultra-absorbent towel designed to remove excess moisture and leave surfaces spotless.
  2. GENTLEMAN Basic: A versatile tool for gentle and effective cleaning of delicate interior areas.
  3. CLASSIC Brush 24mm: Ideal for reaching tight spots and thoroughly cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  4. ECLIPSE Microfibre Applicator: Perfect for evenly applying interior dressings, providing a professional finish.

Experience the ultimate car care solution with our Interior Kit. Designed to meet your interior maintenance needs, this comprehensive set guarantees outstanding results and a refreshed, well-maintained interior for your vehicle.