Clay Kit

The Ultimate Solution for Car Paint Decontamination

Clay Kit for Car Paint. Inside a carefully curated box, you’ll discover two premium detailing products: Clay Lube by GOOD STUFF and Spot Clay Bar by WORK STUFF. This powerful duo offers a comprehensive solution for effectively decontaminating your vehicle’s paint.


  • Clay Lube: Experience smooth paint clay gliding with our high-quality Clay Lube. Designed to expedite the claying process, it ensures a safe interaction with the clay bar. Enjoy the added benefit of a refreshing fruity scent, enhancing your work comfort.


  • Spot Clay Bar: Introducing the Spot Clay Bar, your ultimate solution for gentle and efficient decontamination of your car’s surface. This medium-grade clay bar effortlessly removes tough impurities such as brake dust, tar, and tree resins, leaving behind a refined and flawlessly smooth finish.


  1.  Begin by washing and drying your car meticulously.
  2.  Apply the Clay Lube onto the area you wish to treat, and gently   glide the Spot Clay Bar over the surface.
  3.  Wipe the area clean using a high-quality microfiber towel, then   move on to the next section, repeating the process as needed.

Experience exceptional paint and achieve an impeccable finish with the Clay Kit. Trust the synergy of GOOD STUFF’s Clay Lube and WORK STUFF’s Spot Clay Bar to transform your car’s appearance.