Detailing Bucket Black - RINSE

Looking for a professional-grade bucket to streamline your car or motorcycle washing process? Look no further than the Detailing Bucket Black – RINSE. Made from durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this bucket is built to last. With a maximum capacity of 20 liters, you can easily rinse away dirt and debris while washing your vehicle or motorcycle. The convenient measurement markings on the side of the bucket help you measure the right amount of water for your cleaning needs. The metal handle ensures easy portability, and the word “RINSE” marked on the bucket makes it clear that this bucket is intended for use during the rinsing process of automotive detailing. Invest in the Detailing Bucket Black – RINSE to achieve a professional-grade rinse and keep your car or motorcycle looking like new.

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  • Made from durable HDPE material for long-lasting use
  • Equipped with a sturdy metal carrying handle for portability
  • Conveniently marked with measurements on the side of the bucket for precise water pouring
  • 20L capacity to effectively rinse away dirt and grime