Detailing Brush BLACK 3-pack


Introducing our Detailing Brush BLACK 3-pack set, the perfect addition to your car cleaning arsenal. This set contains three brushes, each with a different size (16mm, 24mm, and 30mm) to tackle any cleaning task. Made with synthetic bristles and coated plastic handles, these brushes are tough and durable, perfect for cleaning rims, sills, and engine bays. They are also ideal for heavy dirt on car interiors, thanks to their ability to loosen and remove stubborn grime. Please note that these brushes should not be used on scratch-prone surfaces like car paint, piano elements, or glossy rims and black elements.

Invest in our BLACK 3-pack detailing brush set today and enjoy a spotless, polished car every time. These brushes can also be used for cleaning motorcycle engines, making them a versatile addition to any cleaning kit.

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  • Rims
  • Engine
  • Car interior