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Blizzard & Thunder Kit

Comprehensive cleaning of rims

Comprehensive Rim Cleaning Solution

The Blizzard & Thunder Kit is a set of professional brushes designed specifically for cleaning vehicle rims. This kit includes two brushes: Blizzard and Thunder, both crafted with soft and flexible bristles that ensure a thorough cleaning without damaging the surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Size: Blizzard – 36 cm, Thunder – 45 cm
  • Delicate Bristles: Protect rim surfaces from scratches
  • Large Cleaning Surface: Maximizes efficiency with every stroke
  • Easy to Clean: Brushes are simple to clean after use, staying ready for the next job
  • High Flexibility: Reaches the most difficult areas, ensuring complete cleanliness
  • Chemical Resistance: Durable against aggressive cleaning products

Benefits of the Blizzard & Thunder Kit

  • Professional Quality: Ideal for safe and effective cleaning of car, motorcycle, and other vehicle rims
  • Versatility: The Thunder brush is perfect for cleaning large areas, while the Blizzard brush fits into smaller, hard-to-reach spots
  • Durability: Sturdy construction to withstand frequent use and exposure to cleaning chemicals

Using the Blizzard & Thunder Kit

The Blizzard & Thunder Kit is designed for use by car enthusiasts and detailing professionals alike. It is perfect for:

  • Rim Cleaning: Provides a thorough cleaning, removing dust, dirt, and brake residue
  • Wheel Maintenance: Keeps your rims in pristine condition, enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle
  • Detailed Care: Ideal for detailing, reaching complex areas and ensuring a professional finish

The Blizzard & Thunder Kit is the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle’s rims in top condition. With soft bristles and high flexibility, these brushes ensure a deep and safe clean, ideal for maintaining the look and performance of your rims.