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Wash Kit

The Ultimate Exterior Maintenance Kit

Introducing the Wash Kit, the perfect solution for comprehensive exterior maintenance. Packed with 10 premium detailing products, this specially prepared box includes 5 essential items from the renowned GOOD STUFF brand, along with 5 necessary accessories from WORK STUFF. With the cosmetics and accessories provided in this kit, you can effortlessly care for your rims and tires, achieve a proper car wash, ensure effective drying, and provide optimal paint protection. Additionally, you can apply a dedicated tire dressing for a sleek finish. This all-in-one kit is ideal for individuals who want to take care of their car’s exterior, from bumper to bumper, without the hassle of choosing each product individually.

GOOD STUFF Products:

  1. Pure Shampoo – 500ml: Experience a pure and gentle car wash with our high-quality Pure Shampoo. It effectively cleanses the surface, leaving it spotless and ready for further treatment.
  2. Gloss Detailer – 500ml: Enhance your car’s shine with our Gloss Detailer. This premium spray provides a brilliant gloss finish and adds a protective layer to the paintwork.
  3. Tire Dressing Shine – 250ml: Give your tires a long-lasting shine with our Tire Dressing Shine. This specialized formula ensures a deep, rich finish, enhancing the overall look of your vehicle.
  4. Iron Remover Gel – 500ml: Remove stubborn iron contaminants with ease using our Iron Remover Gel. This powerful formula safely dissolves iron particles, restoring the cleanliness of your car’s surface.
  5. Glass Cleaner – 500ml: Achieve crystal-clear windows with our Glass Cleaner. Formulated for streak-free results, it effectively removes dirt, fingerprints, and grime, leaving your windows spotless.

WORK STUFF Products:

  1. STORM Wash Mitt: The STORM Wash Mitt provides an ultra-soft and safe washing experience. Its premium material ensures gentle yet effective cleaning without scratching the surface.
  2. CLEAN HANDS Tire Dressing Applicator: Apply tire dressing effortlessly with the CLEAN HANDS Applicator. Its ergonomic design allows for precise and even application, giving your tires a professional finish.
  3. CLASSIC Detailing Brush 30mm: Reach every nook and cranny with the CLASSIC Detailing Brush. Its versatile bristles and compact size make it perfect for intricate detailing tasks.
  4. PRINCE Drying Towel: Say goodbye to water spots and streaks with the highly absorbent PRINCE Drying Towel. Its plush fibers quickly and effectively dry your vehicle, leaving a spotless finish.
  5. ZEPHYR Waffle Towel: The ZEPHYR Waffle Towel is ideal for achieving a streak-free shine. Its unique waffle pattern traps dirt and moisture, providing an exceptional drying and buffing experience.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our Wash Kit, designed to take your exterior maintenance to the next level. From rims and tires to a pristine paint finish, this all-inclusive kit has you covered.