MONSTER XS Drying Towel

MONSTER XS Drying Towel, a modern and high-quality car drying towel made with Korean “Twisted Pile” microfiber. With its unique fiber structure, this towel has a very high absorbency and quick-drying performance, making it the perfect tool for drying hard-to-reach places and all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle.

The dense and delicate microfiber structure ensures that no scratches are left behind, making it safe for any type of varnish. Its compact size makes it ideal for use on smaller areas or tight spaces. You can trust the high-quality fiber to work without the risk of leaving streaks on your car’s paintwork.

The MONSTER XS Drying Towel also features a laser-cut WORK STUFF logo and fabric trim on the edges for added durability and style. This is a compact version of the MONSTER Drying Towel that delivers the same superior performance and quality.

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  • Size – 55 / 50cm
  • Density – 515g / m2
  • “Twisted Pile” microfiber
  • Dense and delicate microfiber
  • Safe for the paintwork
  • High absorbency and quick-drying fibers
  • Scratch-free and safe for any type of varnish
  • Compact size ideal for hard-to-reach places and all the nooks and crannies


  • Remember to wash the product before first use.