Choose GENTLEMAN+ Microfiber for Optimal Car Cleaning

Struggling to keep your car clean and shiny? Look no further than GENTLEMAN+, the ultimate microfiber for car care. With fluffy material on both sides and a laser-cut WORK STUFF logo, this microfiber is dense yet delicate, making it perfect for a variety of car cleaning tasks, including waxing and using Quick Detailers.

At a denser grammage of 100g/m2 and size of 40/40cm, GENTLEMAN+ is more effective than traditional microfibers. Use it to clean various elements both inside and outside of your car or even to clean the surface of your motorcycle.

Don’t settle for less than quality – order your GENTLEMAN+ microfiber today and experience the ultimate car care solution!

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  • Size – 40 / 40cm
  • Density – 600g / m2
  • Laser cut edges
  • Dense and delicate microfiber


  • Remember to wash the product before first use.