Basic Pad One Step

The Basic Pad One Step is a medium-hard polishing pad that delivers excellent cutting and finishing results. It is specially designed to maintain its properties throughout the entire buffing process, thanks to the highest quality closed-cell foam used in its construction. The pad is equipped with a strong, high grammage Velcro that provides a secure hold on the polishing machine. Whether you are a professional detailer or a DIY enthusiast, the Basic Pad One Step is an essential tool to achieve the perfect finish on your car’s paintwork.

Main features:

  • The side slant makes cleaning hard-to-reach spots easier.
  • The inclusion of a central hole in this pad design enables effortless attachment to your polishing machine while also promoting effective heat dissipation during use.
  • Two sizes.


  • 125/140/20
  • 80/90/20