Pro Wool Pad

Superior Polishing with Wool Pad

Introducing the Pro Wool Pad by Work Stuff Detailing – the ultimate polishing pad made of natural wool, delivering perfection in car paint polishing. This top-class wool pad is designed for intensive cutting work, offering excellent abrasion without damaging the surface.

Main Features:

  • Natural Wool Polishing Fur: Crafted from delicate, high-quality wool, ideal for professional car detailing.
  • Velcro Fastening: Ensures a secure fit for efficient polishing sessions.
  • Short Bristles: Designed for optimal polishing performance, allowing for intensive abrasion.
  • Easy to Clean: Maintains its effectiveness with easy maintenance.
  • Flexible Spacer: Made of selected foam for added flexibility and control.
  • Centering Hole: Enhances precision during polishing.


  • Diameter: 130mm
  • Thickness: 80mm

The Pro Wool Pad by Work Stuff Detailing is for car paint polishing, ensuring a flawless finish every time. Whether you’re tackling minor scratches or performing a full paint correction, this soft wool polishing pad is your go-to tool for achieving showroom-quality results.