Handy Wax Applicator+

The HANDY WAX APPLICATOR+ is an essential tool for effortlessly and effectively waxing your car’s bodywork, ensuring a smooth and polished finish. Its unique design, featuring two types of sponge, allows for faster work compared to traditional tools. The soft sponge is gentle on your car’s surface, while the hard sponge provides better working comfort. Additionally, the product features a WORK STUFF logo embossed on the foam.

At a size of 85mm, the HANDY WAX APPLICATOR+ is the perfect size for comfortable and efficient use. The handy handle makes it easy to grip and use, while the two types of sponge provide versatility and convenience for delicate application of wax to your car’s surface.


  • Size – 85mm
  • Dual sponge design for faster and more comfortable work
  • Soft and hard sponges for versatile use
  • Handy handle for easy grip and control
  • Embossed WORK STUFF logo for quality assurance
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