Bucket Hanger

Introducing the Bucket Hanger, a convenient accessory for car enthusiasts to keep their detailing tools organized and accessible during vehicle washing. The Bucket Hanger attaches effortlessly to the side of any bucket and accommodates various brushes, gloves, and other detailing tools.

This tool organizer for buckets is designed to optimize functionality and ease of use, with a curved handle that fits perfectly on all American-style detailing buckets. Additionally, it features a specialized drainage system at the bottom to prevent excess water from accumulating on your tools during use.

Elevate your car detailing game with the Bucket Hanger – an essential tool to streamline your detailing process and maintain your tools in a tidy and accessible manner.


  • Compatible with all detailing buckets.
  • The drainage system removes excess water.
  • It clips tightly onto the side of any bucket.